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Welcome to a new school year! 
Safety is a large part of what we do at our campus.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the Gadsden Independent School District for providing the fence by the portables, and for installing the door bell and the cameras around the school.  We have rules that are for the safety of the children, and I would like to take the opportunity to share them with you.  First, no parents are allowed in the bus area.  We have this rule because we do not have the legal paperwork on each child with us when we are boarding the bus.  We can't have a person that hasn't been verified come to the bus area and take a child.  Thank you for supporting us and following this important rule.  Secondly, teachers can only release a child when the office has cleared them.  For this reason, no child can be released to a parent who comes to the classroom door without the office notifying the teacher first.  All visitors in the hallways must have badges so that the teachers know that the person has been cleared as a visitor and can be in the hallway.  Lastly, we must have any transportation changes made through the front office.  Telling a teacher what changes must be made will not help us in the front office where the transfer of your child to you takes place.  We really appreciate all of you who call the office well in advance of the transportation change so that we can do it safely.

New this year is the mandate that anyone helping in the classroom must have a criminal background check.  We need to assure our teachers and staff that people that have access to our children have not had issues with the law.  Thank you for your support when you are asked to submit the paperwork.  If you are not willing to submit the paperwork, then we must ask that you come visit only during hours that children are not in school. 

Additionally this year we have rules concerning what children can be fed during the school day.  This is important for you to know because we often receive requests from parents about bringing "goodies" for classes when your children have a birthday.  There are very strict regulations about the amount of fat and sugar can be consumed by children during the school day.  Additionally, health regulations state that the items must be prepared in a location that is regulated by the health department (home made treats are not allowed because there is no way to determine the cleanliness of any given kitchen providing the food item to the children at the school).  For these reasons, no food items can be brought into the school during the school day for birthdays.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is for the health and safety of your child that this policy is in place.  If you have any questions about this regulation, Mr. Giovas, the Director of Food Services for the Gadsden Independent School District can provide the actual copy of the nutrition guidelines that created this policy. 

Finally, I want you to know that we have many opportunities for parents to help!  Have a wonderful 2013-2014 school year!
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The attached forms are used to register students at Desert Trail.  They are being posted for your convenience so that you may come to the school with the forms filled out and reduce the time spent registering.
Forms that are used to register students at Desert Trail.pdf



~Notes from the Nurse~

Desert Trail Elementary



Dear Parents,

Summer is quickly coming to an end and it’s that time again to transition back into the routine of school. We are fortunate to have the same health staff returning this year. This fact, along with your help, could make the return to school a simple process.


**A blank Emergency Card for this school year will be sent home, one for each student, and must be filled out, signed and returned as soon as possible.  Please remember, this information is used to contact you in the event of an emergency so be sure it is correct and updated in the event you move, have a new cell or work number, change of names or numbers for emergency contacts or health issue changes.


**If your child has received ANY new immunizations, it is your responsibility to send a copy of their updated shot record to my office so their health file can be updated. It is required by the State of New Mexico that your child is up to date on all vaccines in order to attend school. If we send an “Immunization Notice” home, your child may need a vaccine. Please send in a copy of your child’s most recent immunization record so we can compare it with what we have on file. You will be notified via letter if your child is not compliant and at risk of being dis-enrolled from school.


**Please notify the Nurse’s office if your child has any medical condition(s), special dietary needs or if there have been any recent changes in their medical condition(s) or medication(s).


Proper documentation is necessary for planning competent care during school hours.

District policy dictates that ANY medication given at school must have the following:

  1. A written statement from a physician licensed in the U.S. ordering that the medication be given at school.
  2. Written authorization from a parent or guardian requesting that the medication be given at school.
  3. The medication must be from a U.S. pharmacy, with the container being appropriately labeled with the students name, doctor’s name, the name and dose of the medication.


**Do your part in keeping your child/children healthy. Be sure they get plenty of sleep, eat well (please remember not to give any medication on an empty stomach unless directed to do so) and take precautions to minimize exposure to mosquitoes by spraying with repellant, keeping them indoors in the evenings and have them wear long pants/long sleeves if they must be outside during sun up and sun down. Also, please do not send your child to school without contacting your physician if they are experiencing:


  • Vomiting             
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher
  • Earaches
  • Pinkeye with discharge
  • Unexplained rashes

We look forward to a healthy, safe, productive school year which will take teamwork with teachers, administration, health staff, your child and YOU. If at any time there is a question or concern, please feel free to contact me at 824-0472 or stop by the Health Office between 7:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.




Ann Keppler, RN

School Nurse


Estimados Padres,

El fin del verano se acerca rápidamente y es hora de hacer el cambio y volver a la rutina escolar.  Somos afortunados de que nuestras enfermeras hayan regresado este año.  Con esto y con su ayuda, podemos hacer el regreso a clases un proceso simple.


**Se les mandará una forma en blanco por cada estudiante para que la completen y la regresen lo más pronto posible.  Recuerden, esta información se utiliza para contactarlos en caso de una emergencia y para estar seguros que la información es correcta y actualizada.  Que si se han mudado de hogar tengamos su nuevo número celular o número de casa y para que nos avise si han cambiado el domicilio o nombres de las personas de contacto en caso de emergencias de salud.

**Si su hijo/a ha recibido CUALQUIER vacuna, es su responsabilidad  mandar a mi oficina una copia de la tarjeta actualizada para mantener nuestros archivos actualizados.  El estado de Nuevo México requiere que su hijo/a tenga todas sus vacunas para poder asistir a la escuela.  Si mandamos un “Aviso de Inmunización”, su hijo/a probablemente necesita una vacuna.  Por favor mande una copia de la tarjeta de vacunas de su hijo/a para compararla con lo que  tenemos.  Será notificado por carta si su hijo/a no tiene las vacunas necesarias y si está en riesgo de tener que dejar la escuela.

** Por favor notifique a la Oficina de la Enfermera si su hijo/a padece de alguna condición médica,  como,  necesidad de dietas especiales o si ha habido cambios recientes en su condición médica o sus medicamentos.  La documentación propia es necesaria para planear el cuidado propio durante las horas escolares.

La póliza del distrito dicta que CUALQUIER medicamento administrado en la escuela debe cumplir con lo siguiente:

  1. Un permiso escrito por un médico con licencia para practicar en los E.U. ordenando que se administre el medicamento en la escuela.
  2. Autorización por escrito del padre o guardián pidiendo que el medicamento se administre.
  3. El medicamento debe ser de una farmacia de los Estados Unidos, con el recipiente etiquetado apropiadamente con el nombre del estudiante, el doctor, y la dosis del medicamento.

**Haga su parte para mantener a su hijo/os saludables.  Asegúrese que duerman y coman bien.  (Recuerden de no darles medicamentos sin antes haber comido.  Hágalo solamente si así lo indico el doctor).  Tome precauciones y minimice exposición a los mosquitos usando repelentes, y manteniéndolos dentro de la casa durante la tarde y cerciórese que usen pantalón y manga larga temprano por la mañana y por la noche.  Por favor no mande a su hijo/a, a la escuela sin comunicarse con su doctor si ellos experimentan:

  • Vomito
  • Diarrea
  • Fiebre de 100 grados o más
  • Punzadas en los oídos
  • Perrillas
  • Sarpullidos inexplicable


Esperamos un año productivo lleno de salud y con seguridad que requiere trabajo de equipo que incluye a los maestros, la administración, las enfermeras, su hijo/a y USTED. Si en cualquier momento tiene alguna pregunta o preocupación, por favor comuníquese al 824-0472 o visítenos en la Oficina de Salud entre las 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.



Ann Keppler, RN

Enfermera Escolar

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