Coffee with the Principal MONTHLY

Please join us for our monthly Coffee with the Principals Meetings which will be scheduled as follows\Acompañenos a las juntas de cafe con las directoras:

First Thursday of every month in Person on campus/primer jueves de cada mes en persona 9:00 am

First Thursday of every month Virtually online/primer jueves de cada mes en linea 5:00 pm:

These will be advertised in our school calendar and sent via Remind as a text message/recordatorios seran enviados por Remind como tambien en nuestro calendario



Upcoming Events

  • Board Meeting

    Desert Trail Elementary
  • 120th Day PAJAMA DAY!!!

    Desert Trail Elementary
  • Board Meeting

    Desert Trail Elementary
  • Parent Teacher Conferences 11am-7pm

    Desert Trail Elementary
  • President's Day NO SCHOOL

    Desert Trail Elementary
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Ms Ceballos, School Counselor

Welcome Back!!!

This year there will be an even bigger emphasize in our students’ social emotional and mental health. Students will learn, understand, and be able to apply essential social emotional concepts as well as useful coping skills. Students will learn these skills through monthly class guidance lessons led by me, your school counselor!

Additionally, individual student meetings with me are available for students who request it, are referred by a teacher, or at the request of a parent. These individual student meetings consist of emotional and behavior check-ins and teaching and practicing social- emotional skills or coping skills that may benefit the student’s personal needs.  

An important program that will begin to be implemented in GISD, including Desert Trail Elementary this academic school year, will be The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The purpose of this program is to target and reduce bullying behaviors at our school. This will be achieved by teaching students what bullying is, how to recognize it, and teach them what to do if they get bullied or witness bullying happening in order to prevent those negative behaviors from happening again. All Desert Trail staff including cafeteria staff, custodians, teachers, office staff, and Instructional assistants have been trained on how to handle all bullying situations effectively and appropriately. As part of the Olweus program, each classroom will have a weekly class meeting, where students will have an opportunity to better express themselves, discuss individual and classroom concerns, and create a better classroom connection.  

Finally, there will be a lot of reward opportunities for students who demonstrate positive behaviors. Students will have the opportunity to receive prizes or rewards on an individual level and as a classroom for positive behaviors they demonstrate toward each other and to themselves. Student of the week in each classroom will also be implemented this school year once again to reward students who demonstrate good character qualities such as responsibility, kindness, fairness, trustworthiness, respect, and citizenship.  

I look forward to your continued support!





🥙 LUNCH and RECESS 30 minutes
(Time depends on grade level)















12:30 -1:00 


🟣 If parents/guardians need to pick up students before the end of the school day, they must call and inform the office staff and arrive PRIOR to 2:30 PM 🍎  This helps us follow the routines that we have implemented for the safe release of students at the end of the school day. 



ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN DAILY and entered in the system. The system is connected to the STATE, for this reason parents must ensure to call the school to report any ABSENCE due to: 

*doctor appointment
*technology issues
*family emergencies

This will help us, help you! 🤝

Please reference Policy J-0500 JE Student Attendance and Policy J-0511 JE-R Attendance Records Updated School Board Policies-11-16-2020.pdf under School Board

LET’S WORK TOGETHER in our students’ best Interest. ❤️

All students are expected to attend class EVERY DAY! 





All work assigned to students will be GRADED.📝

 DTE Proficiency Grading Scale - Gadsden ISD.pdf 

✂️Grades earned by the work students complete, will be entered into the system.




Sonia Barajas, Principal

Karesa Aguilar, Assistant Principal

Marisela Ceballos, School Counselor


Desert Trail Elementary, 310 E. Lisa Drive, Chaparral, NM 88081
Phone: 575-824-6500 | Fax: 575-824-3390




Recognization & Honor's Program/Programa de reconocimiento y de honor

The new recognition and honors program at Desert Trail Elementary School is designed to recognize the achievement of those students who demonstrated that they excel in all aspects of being a good student.  This includes academics, citizenship and attendance

Students who have unexcused absences; excessive tardies (three or more each grading period); discipline referrals to the principal; or unacceptable classroom conduct, as determined by and documented by the teacher, will NOT be eligible for recognition.

Each student must meet the following criteria:

HONOR ROLL: K-6th All students who receive all 'A' or all 'B' or a combination of both (NO 'C'), Satisfactory in all areas and NO unexcused absences and 3 or less tardies. 

Honors Banquet at the end of the year will include students that have remained in the honor list for all grading periods with no unexcused absences and less than 3 tardies every 9 weeks.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE K-6th No absences (full day or half day-attendance is taken at 10:00am and 12:30 pm) and 3 or less tardies.


El programa de reconocimiento y de honor de la escuela primaria Desert Trail esta diseñado para reconocer los logros de los estudiantes que han demostrado en todos los aspectos de ser buen alumno.  Esto incluye académicamente, ser buen ciudadano y también asistencia

Los estudiantes con faltas excesivas, llegadas tardes excesivas (tres o mas en cada nueve semanas); visitas a la dirección por disciplina;  o conducta inaceptable en el salón determinada y documentada por la/el maestro, NO son elegibles para ser reconocidos. 

Cada estudiante debe cumplir con lo siguiente:

LISTA DE HONOR: K-6th TODOS los estudiantes que recibieron puras 'A' o puras 'B' o una combinacion de A/B (NO 'C'), satisfactorio en todas la sareas y NINGUNA ausencia injustificada y 3 o menos llegadas tardes. 

El Banquete de honor al final del año escolar incluira a estudiantes que han estado en la lista de honor todas las 4 nueve semanas con ninguna falta injustificada y menos de 3 llegadas tardes en cada 9 semanas.

ASISTENCIA PERFECTA: K-6th No faltas (dia completo o medio dia-asistencia se toma a las 10:00am y 12:30pm) y tres o menos llegadas tarde.



 Register your child for the upcoming school year, 2021-2022 if your child is NEW to the district or if your child is a new kindergarten student!  Matricule a su alumno para el proximo ano escolar, 2021-2022 si es nuevo a nuestro distrito o si es un alumno nuevo de kinder!






*****REQUIRED (If your student is returning to Desert Trail Elementary School)/REQUERIDO (Si quire que su estudiante regrese a a la Escuela Primaria Desert Trail)******

You have all received a code via mail or email regarding the updating of your child's registration for the 21-22 SY. If you have not received the snapcode call 575-824-6500./Todos han recibido un código por correo o correo electrónico con respecto a la actualización del registro de su hijo para el 21-22 SY. Si no ha recibido el código instantáneo por correo o correo electrónico, llame 575-824-6500.

EVERY student will have to re register by for the upcoming school year using the link:/CADA estudiante tendrá que volver a registrarse para el próximo año escolar usando el enlace:

Chromebook/IPad Fees

If you need your child's google classroom CODE, please contact the teacher or call the school.  You may also email or the teacher.




Charger is lost/stolen

/or damaged:$40

Cracked screen:


Broken Screen: 




Hot Spot/Verizon/TMobile

Lost/Damaged: $20 by month

e.g. lost in October $20, still lost and have not paid in November you owe $40, still lost and you have not paid since October now you owe $60 in December 


Charger is lost/stolen

/or damaged:$40

Cracked screen:                                             $150
Broken Ipad:                                              $294

******Kinder & 6th Grade Promotion Honk and Wave Parade******Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance Honk and Wave Parade!!!

You, parents, are your child’s first teacher. Without your support our wonderful staff would not be able to accomplish the difficult task of preparing our kinder and sixth graders for their new endeavors in first grade and middle school. Our hard working teachers have invested their valuable time to ensure each student builds a solid foundation to continue learning and growing academically. Thank you for coming to celebrate each of these children.

Thank you all Kinder and 6th Grade parents for coming out and celebrating your child's successes. / Gracias a todos los padres de Kinder y 6to grado por venir y celebrar los éxitos de su hijo.

El enlace para ver el desfile está a continuación:


Congratulations to all the students who reached the important achievement of being in the A or AB Honor Roll. With hard work and dedication anything is possible! Attending school is also very important and we will honor those students who also reached perfect attendance for the whole school year. These students have not been absent since school began in August!

Thank you to all the 1st-5th parents for coming and celebrating your child's academic successes./Gracias a todos los padres de 1º a 5º por venir y celebrar los éxitos académicos de su hijo.

To view the parade please clink on the link:


Ms. Munoz, Maria, 4th Dual Spanish Teacher